Payroll Services: more time to build your business

Payroll is becoming increasingly complex and time consuming, with additional statutory requirements being continually introduced. By appointing James Bell & Co to handle your payroll, you can be sure everything will be done correctly and on time.

Using the latest software, we electronically send you the weekly, or monthly, information you need to pay your staff. Your employees receive their pay slips, directly, on their phone, mobile device or computer.

Real Time Information (RTI) means that, before you even make the payment to your employees, you must submit the information online to HM Revenue & Customs. Our specialist software carries out this task effortlessly and efficiently.

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Payroll FAQs

RTI (Real Time Information) is a system of PAYE reporting that started for most employers in April 2013.
Each time you pay your employees, PAYE information has to be submitted to HM Revenue & Customs. We can do this for you, using a Full Payment Submission (FPS). Our payroll software generates the required reports and submits your payroll information online to HM Revenue & Customs.
By law, each of your employees must receive a payslip. Our payroll software will send your employees’ payslips direct to their phones, mobile devices or computers, and provide you with a record to prove your compliance.

As soon as we have processed your payroll, you’ll be able to set up your payments. Your employees will have their payslips two or three days in advance, so they can check everything is correct. We will resolve any issues before the actual payday.

Most clients email their payroll information to us.