Annual accounts: a professional service

Most businesses, before they submit any end-of-year tax returns, will need a set of annual accounts prepared and signed off. James Bell & Co can produce professional annual accounts for any business – saving you time, money and stress.

We prepare full annual accounts for private limited companies before we submit their corporation tax returns.

Clubs and associations are also required to file corporation tax returns, with annual accounts attached.

Even if you are submitting a self assessment tax return, you will have to attach accurate income and expenditure figures, together with a Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Again, we handle the return and associated calculations for the vast majority of our self assessment clients.

If you have any question about what type of annual accounts you need, contact us now on  01292 288 531 or, for free, friendly advice.


Annual Accounts FAQs

Professionally prepared accounts will save you untold amounts of time. Time you could spend developing your business. They also give you information that could be useful in planning your future business strategy.
Accounting for sole traders is much simpler than for limited companies. For both sole traders and partnerships, there is no need for formal annual accounts or a corporation tax return. However, at the end of your year, you will have to submit your self assessment tax return, which will require correctly prepared details of income, outgoings and profit.